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  • Where can I get the official and original MEGAWARE KeelGuard® in NZ?
    ONLY from RUBBERMARK®, New Zealand's Exclusive Distributor for MEGAWARE KeelGuard®
  • Is it necessary to apply Sika 291 sealant around the edge of MEGAWARE KeelGuard® ?
    Sika 291 is designed as a sealer to completely seal all edges down so if the guard were to say snag on something sharp then it wont rip off as easily
  • Where can I find New Zealand’s trusted MEGAWARE KeelGuard® Installers?
    Click HERE to see our reccomended New Zealand installers for MEGAWARE KeelGuard® on our Installation page. Contact your local and trusted MEGAWARE KeelGuard® installer to protect and invest in your boats future.
  • How does MEGAWARE KeelGuard® stick on?
    MEGAWARE KeelGuard® uses an advanced 3M® pressure sensitive adhesive tape already bonded to the MEGAWARE KeelGuard®. By simply preparing the keel with the provided tools and primer, MEGAWARE KeelGuard® adheres to the hull creating a permanent bond, giving you years of protection and performance.
  • Will MEGAWARE KeelGuard® create drag and reduce the speed of my boat?
    No. MEGAWARE KeelGuard® is designed with hydrodynamics in mind. MEGAWARE KeelGuard® ’s patented drag reduction design will not slow a boat or diminish its performance.
  • Will MEGAWARE KeelGuard® go over strakes or chines?
    Yes, MEGAWARE KeelGuard®'s material is very pliable and will easily conform to most hull strakes and angles; however, there are specific instructions to follow when applying over these. Please contact our reccomended MEGAWARE KeelGuard® installers. Your local and trusted installer of MEGAWARE KeelGuard® can be found on our Installation page.
  • What is MEGAWARE KeelGuard® made of?
    MEGAWARE KeelGuard® is a composite, comprised of a blend of polymers and urethanes with special plasticizers and UV inhibitors, to provide the very best blending of abrasion resistance and bonding qualities. This combination of strength and bonding has made it possible for MEGAWARE KeelGuard®to provide the best lifetime warranty on the market for keel protection.
  • Can I apply MEGAWARE KeelGuard®over boat bottom paint or anti-fouling paint?
    If your boat has anti-fouling boat bottom paint applied, it must be removed to expose the original gelcoat where MEGAWARE KeelGuard® will be installed. If desired, once MEGAWARE KeelGuard® has been installed, anti-fouling paint can be applied over the bottom of the boat.
  • Can I put MEGAWARE KeelGuard® on an aluminium boat?
    Most keel protectors are designed for fiberglass boats, because they have smooth flat surfaces to bond to. Aluminum boats have special considerations when selecting a keel protector. The adhesives systems don't lend themselves to irregular and riveted surfaces. Aluminum oxidizes very quickly and can form an oxide layer that creeps under the adhesive over time, causing it to release. On painted aluminum, the adhesive bonds well, but will only hold as well as the paint it's stuck to. Paint bonds to aluminum well, but is not an adhesive.
  • Why is MEGAWARE KeelGuard® better than Keelshield?
    Rubbermark’s main applicator has tested both products and has found that the adhesive system is more efficient on MEGAWARE KeelGuard® versus Keelshield.
  • What is the width of MEGAWARE KeelGuard®?
    MEGAWARE KeelGuard® measures130mm wide
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